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Blue Nile Restaurant

The Blue Nile Restaurant

The Blue Nile Restaurant is upstairs from The Blues Bar on Montepellier Parade in the Heart of Historic Harrogate. To reach us, find Betty's Tea Rooms and walk down the hill towards Oxfam.

We serve authentic Egyptian cuisine from 6pm until 9.30pm Tuesday to Saturday every week.

The Blue Nile Menu
Vine leaves stuffed with rice, herbs, served with minty yogurt - available in meat too.
Blues Nile Dip (v)
Mixture of mashed feta cheese, tomatoes, olives & mint
Babaganoush (v)
Mixture of grilled aubergine puree & tahini
Hummus (v)
Chick peas blended in garlic & tahini
Marinated mussels in daa'aa and chilli sauce.
Arabian yogurt cheese.
Main Courses
Chicken fatta
Traditional Egyptian celebratory dish including Chicken, bread, rice and natural yogurt.
Consisting of rice, lentils, onions, tomato sauce, hummus - available with meat too.
Falafel (v)
Mixture of peeled farva beans blended with herbs deep-fried served with salad, torsy & tahini.
Foule Medames (v)
Slowly braised farva beans with a mixture of herbs & vegetables served with rice.
Tagine Gambary
Oven baked prawns with spicy mix of herbs & vegetables
Marinated chops in exotic desert herbs served with rice & sauces.
Bamia (Okra) (v)
Young okra in a rich garlic tomato sauce served with rice.
Chicken Kishk
A very thick sharp tasting yogurt sauce cooked with chicken served with rice & sauce.
Kebab Hala
Chunks of lamb meat marinated with mixed herbs, served with rice.
Dauoush Basha
Egyptian marinated meat balls in tomato sauce & herbs served with rice.
Shish Chicken
Marinated mince chicken on a bed of salad & tahini, served on a rounded bread hot & spicy.
Shish Kofta
Marinated minced meat on a bed of salad with garlic dressing, served on a rounded bread hot & spicy.

Call 0779 122 8256
speak to Hani to make a booking.

The Blue Nile is also the perfect place for a private party.


The Blues Nile Restuarant